Every JV, at your phone, for free

$10,000 in affiliate prizes.

Videnton launches on both PayDotCom & WarriorPlus

People will get a hundred 60-second-long ready-to-use animated explainer videos plus software with proprietary CTM deep video customization technology.

CTM deep video customization technology is the world’s first tech, which allows people to fully customize entire ready-made animated videos by simply clicking & swiping.

This is NOT another video creation app but a big ready-to-use set of 60-second-long videos with next generation video customization technology.

Videnton 60-seconds videos include everything from story, to script, to voice over, to entire animated video created and ready.

Both local and online small businesses are struggling now, and they do whatever it takes to get customers.

Studies conducted by conversion-rate-experts.com have proven that by simply adding an animated explainer video to the landing page, a business can increase sales conversion rate by as much as 64%!

Still, it is really surprising how few small business websites have explainer videos included.

Right now, this fact creates the biggest opportunity I have seen for a very long time to help those businesses, and get paid for it with very little work.

It is not uncommon for small  businesses to pay thousands of dollars for custom animated explainer videos and wait for a long time to have these videos produced.

Imagine how thankful those small business owners could be if they can have an animated explainer video custom tailored to their business for just hundreds of dollars, and delivered the next day.

While there are many great video apps on the market, making a complete ready-to-use  60-second-long animated explainer video is far from easy or fast.

Making a 60-second-long explainer video is very hard and extremely time consuming because it is not just about throwing in random animation, images, and stock footage and call it a day.

To make a great animated explainer video you must come up with the plan for the video, which includes everything from the story, to what you want yo say, to ideas for the script, to which animations, images, and footage to use, to hiring a voice actor, to adding background music, to producing the video itself, and more.

A 60-second-long video does not sound like a long one, but if you ever tried to make a plan for such a video before, you already know that it really takes a lot of thought, creativity, and time.

By giving people a hundred 60-second-long ready-to-use animated explainer videos and  software with proprietary CTM deep video customization technology, Videnton is enabling people to help struggling businesses and get paid for it with a very little work.

There is nothing which comes even close to Vindenton on our market so it will sell amazingly.

I foresee big numbers and easy double digit EPC.

Product: Videnton 2..0
Launch date: 02 Nov 22
Launch time: 10:00 EDT
Price: 27
Commission: 50%
Affiliate Network: PayDotCom
Vendor: Andrew Darius et al