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About Timeline Domination:

  • Timeline Domination is the most comprehensive program on “Facebook Ads & Converting Funnels” on the planet.
  • Coming directly from the desk of FORBES featured Facebook Ads & Online Business Expert “Saurabh Bhatnagar”

What will you learn?
(Benefits Angle)


– Running Profitable Ads on Facebook

– Generate Profits Using Facebook Marketing

– Sell your Product or Service almost instantly anytime

– Self Running Facebook Ads that Generates Lifetime Profits

– No More Guesswork & Wastage of Hard Earned Money in Trying & Testing

– Generate Incredible Brand Awareness

– Get in More Customers & Clients Regularly

– Learn the Methods to Scale your Business to 6 Figures or 7 Figures business

Setting up & Scaling ANY online business

What will you learn?
(Technical Angle)

* Setting up your irresistible offer

* Setting up your products & seamless funnel

* Finding the best buyers traffic on Facebook

* Sending UNLIMITED buyers traffic (via Facebook ads)

* Scaling Facebook™ ads

* Converting that traffic into sales

* Ascending the buyers through the sales funnel (on automation)

* Increasing the lifetime customer value

* Increasing the average order value per sale

* Affiliate marketing via Facebook™ ads

* Software sales via Facebook™ ads

* Setting up Social Media Marketing Agency

* Lead Generation via Facebook ads

* Coaching Program Sales

* Complete Funnel training of all the above business models

What Will You Get?

  • 41 Modules
  • 150 Lessons
  • Complete details POWERFUL INSIGHTS
  • Full “newbie-friendly” to “advanced” to “super-advanced” level
  • Worksheets/Assignments after every lesson (to keep you on track)
  • Private group mentoring to hand-hold you until you become successful

Results Dedicated To Achieve  

– A Business That Generates Money For Itself And Keeps On Growing Itself

– Forever Financial Freedom To Enjoy All The Happiness That You Can Dream Of

– More Time Freedom Than You Ever Thought Was Possible

– The Quality Of Life That You Always Wished For

– Traveling The World While Running & Operating Your Business Online

About the creator “Saurabh Bhatnagar”

  • Forbes featured Facebook Ads & Online Business Expert
  • World’s Best Facebook Ads Expert
  • Highest ROI Facebook ad campaigns
  • #1 Online Business Growth Expert In The World
  • Mentored multiple businesses hit 6-7 figures revenue
  • Founder of multiple 7-Figure businesses

Saurabh’s Recent Results With Facebook Ads


  • Sales of $650,000+ in the last 14 months only in one of his coaching programs
  • More than $450,000 out of it has come in the last 6 months only
  • 150,000+ Targeted Email Leads during the same period
  • 1,000+ DAILY Targeted Email Leads for his business
  • Co-conducted 2 “sold-out” events with 500+ gathering at $250 ticket price (all Facebook  traffic)
  • Daily 4-Figures sales of his software “AdsCrisp”
  • Daily affiliate marketing revenue using Facebook ads



Plus More Past Results:

  • Helped in booking the entire “ real estate ” apartment for an early client of his
  •   Helped another early client scale their “new” eCom venture to 1,000-1,500% DAILY ROI within a few days of just setting up the business
  • Generated $50,000+ revenue at 1,000% ROI in pre-launch of his latest software



Saurabh’s Journey

  • Started entrepreneurship journey with no prior mentorship or guidance
  • $10 a month Profit for the first 4 years (2012-15) in his first venture (offline business)
  • A major loss of $15,000 after 4 years led to shift to online business
  • Breakthrough night – $200 made in a single night using Facebook ad
  • Today – Founder of Multiple 7-Figure Businesses
  • Mentored “multiple businesses” hit 6-7 figures
  • Founder of “Saurabh Bhatnagar University” with over 10,000+ enrollments worldwide


  • Stupid-Simple Fail-Proof Surefire Way To Facebook Ads Success
  • A Community of WINNERS & Future Millionaires
  • Sell Anything Online – T-Shirts, Real Estate, Affiliate Products, Own Products, Services, Software, Coaching Program, Local Business Walk-Ins… Literally Anything
  • The Most Comprehensive “Facebook™ Ads & Online Conversions” Program On The Planet
  • Generate More Leads, Traffic & Sales From Facebook™ | Scale Your Business Or Start a Freelance or Social Media Agency Business – We Teach You All The Premium Stuff Of Facebook™ Ads & Online Conversions
  • Business methods taught are based on sustainable & evergreen practices that will Keep Your Online Business Profitable for Years to Come. 


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Launch date: 26 Sep 19
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Commission: 50%
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Vendor: Saurabh Bhatnagar