Every JV, at your phone, for free

Version 2.0 of widely successful ScriptVocalizer technology that is taking text-to-speech to entire new level to have generate voice sound totally like human voice. V2 delivers 100+ new voices which almost triple number of voice in v1. Also because V1 was sold also with 1 year access (most popular – 95% plus launch sales) so by the v2 launch all those who got v1 will need to either buy again v1 or buy v2. Of course v2 is the choice, so we expect that V2 will do even more sales because previous customers need to renew, many new customers entered the market, and the offer delivers triple number of voices.

Product: ScriptVocalizer 2.0
Launch date: 08 Sep 20
Launch time: 10:00 EDT
Price: 10-69
Commission: 50%
Affiliate Network: PayDotCom
Niche: Software
Vendor: Andrew Darius et al