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Mark January 30 through February 5 on your calendar, for the launch of RAPIFY LOCAL! Make up to $84 upfront commission per buyer, plus recurring commissions, plus your share of up to $1500+ in cash prizes!

Rapify Local gives your buyers 12 great niche website templates for their clients…

…plus a full featured drag-n-drop page and funnel builder, so they can create customized sites in minutes — even seconds!

Valuable upgrades that are priced so your buyers will say YES will pay you now AND month after month after month!

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Product: Rapify Local
Vendor: Jack Hopman, Pat Flanagan
Launch Date: Jan 30 11am EST — Feb 5 11:59:59pm EST

Frontend: Rapify Local $27 (50% commission)
Upsell 1: Rapify 20X $37-$47/month (50% commission, 20% recurring)
Upsell 2: Rapify Plus $22-$27/month (50% commission, 20% recurring)
Upsell 3: Rapify Agency $67 (50% commission)

Network: JVZoo
Target Buyers: Offline/Online Consulting, Website Builders
JV Page: http://JVwithPat.com/rapify

Product: Rapify Local
Launch date: 30 Jan 20
Launch time: 11:00 EST
Price: 27
Commission: 50%
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: Offline
Vendor: Jack Hopman et al