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BEHIND THE SCENES of a $100,000 software launch.

In May I released Puzzle Book Mastery. It quickly got the #1 spot on Warrior Plus and stayed there for 4 days straight.  In one week sales exceeded $81,000.

Five weeks later sales crossed over $100,000.

I did everything – software development, sales page design and copy, dealing with server upgrades, customer service, etc.. I go over decisions I made along the way that made this a success.

This is a recap of all that went on prior to the release, and what happened after the release as well.

Launch Lookback will be fascinating for everyone to see and learn from. Those especially interested in product creation will get alot of value.

Funnel:  $12 – $27, high ticket webinar backend.

Product: Launch Lookback
Launch date: 12 Mar 20
Launch time: 10:00 EDT
Price: 12
Commission: 100%
Affiliate Network: WarriorPlus
Niche: Video
Vendor: Ken Bluttman