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The base product will be a 95+ page ebook with a mindmap and cheat sheet.

oto 1 will be  21 videos there will be a down sell plus an oto2 with a downsell

Table of contents

Introduction Chapter 1: What is Internet Marketing in 2019-20 All About?   Chapter 2: Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines In 2019-20 Chapter 3: Creating Blog Posts That Attract Organic Traffic In 2019-20 Chapter 4: How To Get Your YouTube Marketing Videos On The First Page Of Search Results In 2019-20 Chapter 5: How To Compose Killer Social Media Marketing Posts In 2019-20 Chapter 6: Amplifying Your Reach With A Paid Facebook Marketing Campaign In 2019-20 Chapter 7: Generating Qualified Website Traffic With A Google Ads Campaign In 2019-20 Chapter 8: How To Create A Powerful Email Marketing Campaign In 2019-20 Chapter 9: Recovering Abandoning Visitors With Remarketing In 2019-20 Chapter 10: Generating More Sales Leads On Autopilot With A Facebook Messenger Bot In 2019-20 Chapter 11: How To Funnel More Qualified Leads And Referral Traffic To All Your Marketing Channels With A Giveaway Chapter 12: Building A Complete Internet Marketing Plan For 2019-20 Chapter 13: Alternative Internet Marketing Methods That Make Instant Money In 2019-20 Chapter 14: Internet Marketing Strategies For eCommerce Enthusiasts In 2019-20 Chapter 15: Internet Marketing Best Practices In 2019-20 Chapter 16: Advanced Internet Marketing Tips and Tricks That Work In 2019-20 Chapter 17: Internet Marketing Do’s And Don’ts in 2019-20 Chapter 18: Internet Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider in 2019-20 Chapter 19: Internet Marketing Shocking Case Studies in 2019-20 Chapter 20: Internet Marketing Frequently Asked Questions in 2019-20 Conclusion Top Resources Special Offer  

This Exclusive Training Will Show You Step-By-Step, Topic By Topic, And Tool By Tool, What You Need To Know To Dominate Internet Marketing, In The Easiest Way Possible, Using The Most Effective Tools And In The Shortest Time Ever.

This Training Is Comprised Of 20 Chapters, Ready To Show You The Latest Internet Marketing Strategies Through 2019-20.

Product: Complete Internet Marketing
Launch date: 14 Oct 19
Launch time: 11:00 EDT
Price: 17
Commission: 75%
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: General
Vendor: Ron Dowell