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Multi-Platinum  IM Veterans With  40+ Years  Of Combined Experience Unleash Their  Highest Converting Offer  To Date…

Simon Wood here with a huge JV & Affiliate announcement for Monday 11 November.

You don’t want to miss this…

My partners on this launch are Chris X, Giri Prakash and Imran S.

Together we have a combined 40+ YEARS of experience in #1 ranked product launches on networks like JVZoo, ClickBank and many others.

Our latest product – ConversioWidgets – is one we started developing years ago for our own sites.


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It’s a new software tool which combines “ AI ” with a cunning tactic they call “ nudge marketing ”.

It’s a game-changer for Website owners who want to increase their sales, bookings, leads and conversions (who doesn’t fall into that category?!).

It appeals to all levels of experience and a vast audience. If you have an email list, who on your list doesn’t have a website?!


If you don’t already know us, here’s the key info:

Countless #1-Ranked Launches Across Several Networks & Niches Over The Last 13 Years

Multiple 7-Figures In Sales As Product Vendors & Affiliates

– PhD In EPC Mastery & Ninjafying Funnels!


Our latest product and funnel is without doubt , is our BEST one yet.

With over 32 YEARS of experience, we know what it takes to bank our Affiliates 5-FIGURE commissions. 

We also understand what kind of cutting-edge product the market needs.


ConversioWidgets is a revolutionary “AI” tool designed to add sales and leads on websites with minimal effort

We’ve invested huge sums on the branding and marketing materials.

Check out the wide range of done-for-you tools on our JV Page >>  (link to superaffiliates)


We’ve used this technology to drive over 5,000+ sales in 2 months on our Websites.  

And we’ve used ConversioWidgets to build massive Email lists , much faster!

So note this carefully..


And I’m super excited to invite you to the official Launch!

Can you do two things for me right now?





#2  Head over to the JV Page right now >> 


We’re here to help you GO BIG!

Simon Wood, Chris X, Giri Prakash & Imran S

Combined 40+ Years Of Experience In Product Launches & Multiple 7-Figures In Sales.

Product: ConversioWidgets
Launch date: 11 Nov 19
Launch time: 9:00 EST
Price: 37
Commission: 60%
Affiliate Network: JVZoo
Niche: Software
Vendor: Chris X et al