Every JV, at your phone, for free

This launch is centered around the Feb. 4 release of my brand new book, all about educating your audience on a new cutting edge strategy to get more sales leads, clients, referrals, jv partners, traffic, authority, influence, and more.  And most importantly, how to  automate  the entire thing…so that you can have your marketing working for you…while you focus on the things you really love doing.

Included with the free book will be a complementary 5 day bootcamp, where we’ll work hand-in-hand to help them implement this automated marketing system and get it up and running DURING the pre-launch phase.  By the time cart opens, they’ll already be getting results!

This bootcamp has been extensively tested over the last year (with not just internal traffic, but cold FB ads, as well as JV traffic), and was constructed to be a true implementation experience for your audience that is interactive from start to finish to ensure that, no matter what level your peeps are at, they leave each and every day with tangible work completed.  By the third day, they’ll be seeing results and have a lot of the system up and running.

Product: Connect 365
Launch date: 03 Feb 20
Launch time: 0:01 EST
Price: 67
Commission: 25%
Affiliate Network: Infusionsoft
Niche: Software
Vendor: Josh Turner